How to fix QuickBooks error 3371?


Over the years, QuickBooks has become one of the most popular accounting programmes. Part of the reason is that it is far more user-friendly than its competitors and offers a number of features that are frequently tailored to specific industries. This is particularly true of QuickBooks Desktop, which, despite the availability of online competitors, remains popular among small and medium enterprises.

The quantity of arcane mistakes many desktop users experience at different phases of using the software is a disadvantage to utilizing the product. 

What is meant by Error 3371 in QuickBooks?

When QuickBooks is unable to load the licensing data, it generates Quickbooks error code 3371. These errors are mainly the results of difficulties with  QuickBooks desktop installation.  Below is a list of  possible status numbers of QuickBooks Error 3371:

Error 3371

Error 3371, Status Code – 111118

Error 3371, Status Code – 1

The failure of QuickBooks to initialize licensing properties causes all of the concerns listed below, with its most likely cause being the data loss or damages of files needed to enter the appropriate information.

Causes of Error Code 3371 in QuickBooks

Despite the fact that all QuickBooks problems are provided with a generic reason, users must still diagnose the exact cause of failure. The following are some of the more common scenarios in which users may encounter QuickBooks 3371 series issues.

  • There are certain QuickBooks files that are either inaccessible or lost. These include qbregistration.dat.
  • The Microsoft MSXML file cannot be opened.
  • The information about the license cannot be retrieved or validated.

qbregistration.dat is a file that contains information about your QuickBooks license. It’s built with the user’s specified license and product number. The file must be opened each time QuickBooks Desktop is launched. If the file can be opened by Microsoft MSXML, this is feasible.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 3371?

When a user sees a QuickBooks issue, a pop-up in the foreground displays a detailed explanation of why QuickBooks was unable to load. When users encounter Quickbooks error code 3371 or one of its variants, they may experience the symptoms listed below.

  • If there is a specific status code, it will display with the error code.
  • Users will be unable to access company files and other data as a result of the fatal error.
  • A latency in keyboard or mouse inputs may be experienced by some users.
  • Users may potentially face system crashes in extreme circumstances.

In what situations does QuickBooks Error 3371 appear on the desktop?

While there are no special cases that cause QuickBooks Error 3371 or its variants, users are more likely to experience them when QuickBooks Desktop is first installed. Users may have encountered the problem in the following scenarios:

  • Transferring QuickBooks from one system to another.
  • During QuickBooks installation, licensing information was misplaced or corrupted.
  • There are issues with Windows installation. It’s possible that the operating system doesn’t support QuickBooks, or that the MSXML component is defective.
  • Transferring data from one drive to another

Aside from these direct causes, other variables such as changes to anti-virus software configuration and network issues may cause the QuickBooks files to malfunction, resulting in these errors.

How to Resolve Error 3371 in QuickBooks?

The majority of the processes for diagnosing and fixing mistakes focus on repairing damaged files and recovering lost data. To efficiently resolve Quickbooks error code 3371, repeat the instructions in the same order.

Step 1: Reinstalling the Entitlement file

The information in the entitlement file is used to verify with the QuickBooks system that the QuickBooks installed on the system is genuine and registered. The first step in resolving the issue is to delete the old file and register QuickBooks with the right licencing information and Product number:

  • Look in the Entitlement Client subfolder under the quickbook folder in ProgramData for the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file.
  • Restart QuickBooks after deleting the file.
  • To re-register QuickBooks on the system, follow the on-screen directions.
  • The most straightforward way to check that all essential files are configured correctly is to re-register QuickBooks.
  • If reinstalling QuickBooks doesn’t fix the problem, it’s likely that the problem is with Windows.

Step 2: Go to a manual update of Windows.

If QuickBooks were working perfectly on your Windows system before suddenly failing, it’s likely that your system hasn’t been updated with the most recent Windows files.

  • Search In the system settings, check for updates.
  • The screen should say “You’re up to date.”
  • If QuickBooks has to be reinstalled, do so.
  • If every point fails, then clean the install.

Step 3: Complete the installation

Clean the installation if the problem has occurred. It totally resets the QuickBooks software by replacing the files on the PC.

In the QuickBooks Tool Hub, you’ll find the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool. To remove any residual software files, just uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks. This application is incompatible with QuickBooks version, which necessitates manual folder renaming.

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